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Your 2019 Guide to SEO Outsourcing

If you’re the owner of a small business, you’ve got dozens of tasks on your mind: generating leads and sales, personal branding, social media marketing, employee payroll…the list goes on and on. How much thought and effort have you put into search engine optimization? This is the process of attracting organic (free) traffic from the search results in search engines. You need your business to appear high-up in the organic results or potential clients won’t even know you exist. Do this process right, and you’ll get targeted traffic landing on your website to learn more and/or buy what you’re selling. Fail, and your potential clients will find your competitors without even knowing you exist.  Often, small business owners are trying to make small marketing budgets stretch. They may even take search engine optimization upon themselves, cobbling together a DIY campaign that doesn’t get results or ultimately damages them. Or, they hire a company that’s making them lots

Top 5 Free Font Tools for Creating Stunning Visual Content for the Web

If we Indians find a free tool and a paid tool to do something, we are likely to try the free one first. As long as we can achieve the same quality result from the free tool, there's no need to waste money.  And in my quest to find alternatives to fancy computer programs, I've come across a lot of free tools that help take my marketing up a notch. In particular, I've adopted a ton of free tools for creating visual content that don't cost me even a single rupee. From templates to browser extensions to online photo editors, keep reading to see some great, free web design tools to use. Here we see some of free font tools for creating stunning visual content for the web. 1) Type Genius Need to find the perfect font combination for your next project? Type Genius makes it easy for users to find great combinations of fonts. It even provides real examples of font combinations being used on other websites to help you get a better sense of how it will look.  Click here